Currently writing a short film for Intro to Digital Filmmaking. Should be interesting, kinda one of those “opportunity missed” stories that I love. One of those films that you know what’s going on but the characters don’t and its frustrating and makes you yell at the screen. Hopefully that’s what happens. The basic premise is a girl meets a guy (cliche, but whatever) in a grocery store. Both are card carrying Communist Party members but they don’t know the other is and they are attracted to each other, desperately trying to find something to connect on but they never do. Sucks.

Anyways. So I’ve been looking at some abstract expressionist art, and realizing that its a pretty good example of what I was talking about, although slightly on a different level. To me (and this is just my opinion, feel free to have your own), this is just art for arts sake. To me it just seems like lazy art that a 5 year old could do and someone gave it a name so that it could have more value. Now this may just sound like a rant but its not. I am not learning anything though this art about the artist other than that they are probably a poor artist. Or maybe there is something I can’t see. Maybe it is telling me something about the artist that I just don’t comprehend. It might not be something personal, but maybe their abstract expressionist art is telling me about what they think art is and what art does. But I guess my point would be is that this isn’t what the artist will tell you. A good artist would tell you why its important to them and why they did it, a poor artist would tell you, I don’t know, something not like that. In that case their abstract work just becomes smears of paint on a piece of paper that I could have done.

Here are some pieces of work that I am talking about:

FileHans Hofmann's painting 'The Gate', 1959–60.jpg FileNewman-Onement 1.jpg FileNewman-Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue.jpg FileNo. 5, 1948.jpg



These were taken from the link above.


Artist in the Art

March 13, 2009

When I was coming up with the idea for this project I started thinking about why artists create their art. I thought about reasons why I create art and what my art is trying to say. I realized that most artists tend to have some metaphorical social meaning behind their art that nobody gets unless they are there telling people what it means. Most artists forget that their “artistic soul” is represented in every piece of art they create. They forget that when they aren’t in the room, most people don’t see that meaning, they see the artist, because your art represents you. When I draw or paint I want people to look at it and learn something about me, not try and think about its significant meaning in society. 

I decided to get a little creative with this film and use irony. Instead of using the voiceover to tell you about my piece and how it represents me, I address every artist and challenge them to stop giving BS explanations about their art and just tell us about them. 

The actual art in my film is just about a time when I made my father coffee one day and on my way to give it to him, I dropped the mug and it shattered in the floor. The mug was his favorite mug.

So here is a link to my website with the film on it. Soon I will also have my “portrait of a space” project on there as well, “MiGraiNe”.

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A Preview of What’s to Come

February 25, 2009

For my third project I am doing a time warp. I am taking the process of leaving a mark from beginning to end. My plan is to start with a blank canvas, aim the camera at it, and create a mural, capturing every second of it from different angles. Below is a video, similar to mine… kind of. it shows the progress of a mural but not as a time warp. The video is of the album and insert art from Linkin Park’s Meteora album. It is an amazing work of art. Its a long video but it is definitely worth watching. The video itself is amazing and something that I one day hope to be able to do. Enjoy

PS- The Watchmen is coming out soon and is going to be the best movie ever made, way better than Slum Dog Millionaire… get some.

Message Behind the Mark

February 18, 2009

Up until now I have just been showing off some things I like, not really talking about why, not really going into the meaning behind anything. For this post I have chosen to stick with graffiti but talk a bit in depth about one of my favorite works from Italy. It is an anti-war piece done by an artist simply known as Phorm.



Text is used in this piece to express an idea. It also gives the audience a fact about the war in Iraq. Three words done in red stand out against the white background. “SUFFER”, “WAR”, and “MONEY”. These words are meant to stand out for a reason. The artist isn’t just leaving some arbitrary piece of art on a wall, he is leaving a message, a thought. In the quote he is telling us about collateral damage caused by war, the innocence lost in battle. “OIL” is written three times, suggesting the true meaning behind the war, and the cause of all the suffering. All of the text is linked together through a deeper meaning, a meaning that is not hard to figure out.


The artist carefully chose the colors for this piece, which is evident in the small color pallet. Red, black and brown are the prominent colors against the white background. The red signifies blood which is used in a lot of anti-war murals such as this one. It is the universal color for pain and blood. Black is used to represent darkness and possibly death. Looking closely you can see a small black tank in the mural, kind of silhouetted as commonly seen in war art. The black Arabic text is similar to that seen in the streets in Iraq, but I will get to that later on. In the quote, red is used to emphasize the civilian deaths. I think the brown used kind of represents the Middle East. It is a common color and is often associated with that region and I think that’s why the artist chose to use that color for the child. The graffiti text in the middle of the mural (which says “IRAQ”) is also done in the brown, possibly for the same reasons.

The Mural:

When I look at the mural I kind of get a Middle Eastern graffiti feel. To me this work feels like a tribute to Iraq, and possibly Iraqi graffiti. It may sound like a long shot but when you look at images of Iraq you see a lot of black Arabic text written on white and tan walls. It is also subtle but if you look closely, especially to the right of the work, you can see that this mural is painted over some older work.


There may be no significance in relation to the war here but it is interesting to see a mural over a mural, a mark over a mark. Although the older mural is painted over, it will ALWAYS be there, as will this new work. The artist is forever a part of the town or city, more specifically the location they do their work on. The artist has left a piece of themselves here, especially in this mural, as they are leaving a piece of their mind, their thoughts and ideas.

Corey L.