March 30, 2009

All this talk about Mumblecore got me thinking about my theme and how these people basically started an entirely new type of film. I thought about how this new wave of film is starting to pick up and how these people are leaving their mark. People like Joe Swanberg, Andrew Bujalski, and Lynn Shelton are making films that are realistic to human nature and it is refreshing to see something a little more intelligent out there. I myself am not a huge fan of it, mostly because of its low budget look and feel, but I am beginning to get used to it because it is closer to what is available for myself to film. It is becoming more and more obvious that this film business isn’t entirely beyond me, that I can actually produce some good shit and get it out there and do something with this craft I’m learning. Leave my mark if you will.

Young American Bodies is definitely something I could easily make (although the writing is a little bit beyond my skill level, for now). Its just crazy to think something so simple could be so big, and it could be that it is just a trend in this seemingly “artsy” time but its nice to see that something like this isn’t totally out of my reach.

Corey L.


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