Artist in the Art

March 13, 2009

When I was coming up with the idea for this project I started thinking about why artists create their art. I thought about reasons why I create art and what my art is trying to say. I realized that most artists tend to have some metaphorical social meaning behind their art that nobody gets unless they are there telling people what it means. Most artists forget that their “artistic soul” is represented in every piece of art they create. They forget that when they aren’t in the room, most people don’t see that meaning, they see the artist, because your art represents you. When I draw or paint I want people to look at it and learn something about me, not try and think about its significant meaning in society. 

I decided to get a little creative with this film and use irony. Instead of using the voiceover to tell you about my piece and how it represents me, I address every artist and challenge them to stop giving BS explanations about their art and just tell us about them. 

The actual art in my film is just about a time when I made my father coffee one day and on my way to give it to him, I dropped the mug and it shattered in the floor. The mug was his favorite mug.

So here is a link to my website with the film on it. Soon I will also have my “portrait of a space” project on there as well, “MiGraiNe”.

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